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Status of Shared Bi-State Water Planning

Both Georgia and South Carolina have Water Plans that serve to provide planning guidance, management tools, and monitoring programs for ensuring that water resources are properly evaluated and protected, now and in years to come. Water planning is critical to framing both environmental and economic discussions.

Georgia's Comprehensive State-Wide Water Management Plan

Georgia's Comprehensive State-wide Water Management Plan (State Water Plan) was adopted by Georgia's General Assembly and signed by the Governor Perdue in 2008. Georgia's State Water Plan provides for:

1) Resource Assessments: The Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) will conduct water resource assessments to determine a sound scientific understanding of the condition of the water resources, in terms of the quantity of surface water and groundwater available to support current and future instream and offstream uses and the capacity of the surface water resources to assimilate pollution.

2) Forecasting: Forecasts of future population expectations, water demands, wastewater returns, land surface types and distribution and employment characteristics will be developed. Water use will be developed for:

  1. Domestic/ commercial water use;
  2. Industrial water use;
  3. Energy water use; and
  4. Agricultural water use

3) Regional Water Planning: Ten regional water planning councils will prepare recommended regional plans called Water Development and Conservation Plans. These plans will promote the sustainable use of Georgia’s waters, through the selection of an array of management practices, to support the state’s economy, to protect public health and natural systems, and to enhance the quality of life for all citizens.

The plans will identify steps, which will be taken to ensure that the forecasted needs can be met. Implementation of the State Water Plan requires that EPD provide the regional water planning councils with technical assistance, such as contractor support, resource assessments, forecasts and guidance. After the Water Development and Conservation Plans are adopted, EPD permits and Georgia Environmental Facilities Authority (GEFA) grants and loans for water projects will be guided by these regional plans.

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South Carolina’s Water Plan



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